I’m Tom Ervin and I am running to be your next Dallas County Commissioner for District 2.

I have lived and worked in this district for over 30 years. I received my MBA from SMU – right here in this district. I have spent my career working to bring multiple parties together and leading them to common ground to successfully close deals. Like many of you, I manage and operate a small business that has been challenged by decreasing revenue due to fluctuating market prices and COVID. We provide Acquisition, Divestiture, and Merger Advisory services to the energy industry. Beyond my career, I have significant experience in civic engagement. In 2017 I was appointed as Independent Manager by the Federal Court to supervise the bankruptcy process for a Dallas based company. I had the trust of the financial institution, the company in bankruptcy, and the divestiture agent to fairly guide the process to a successful conclusion. We have been able to push through these difficult times with a collaborative effort from our team. This is the kind of relevant experience that is necessary to provide thoughtful and steady leadership for our county government.

Five years ago, I started reaching out to my neighbors to create a stronger community voice because we needed better representation in Dallas County, Austin, and Washington DC.  My neighbors rewarded my efforts and elected me to serve as a Democratic Precinct Chair in East Dallas. I personally knocked on thousands of doors and listened to voters share their concerns about the rising costs of living, high deductibles and rising healthcare premiums, and property taxes that were not being used to finance quality public education.

The solutions to these issues continue to be debated in the state and federal legislatures, leaving folks here in Dallas County waiting for solutions. At the County level, I can best represent you by meeting and listening to you so I can hear and feel how these issues affect our everyday lives. Our County Government can create and develop coalitions and partnerships with public and private entities to bring the needed change to our public infrastructure. Our community needs to improve, expand, and develop Public Healthcare Services, Real Affordable Housing, and Quality Public Childcare.

I can help make that change as your Dallas County Commissioner. After the catastrophic effects of the pandemic, it is vital to have a Commissioner that can effectively manage a budget. My educational and professional background shows I will be a good steward of the County’s resources.

Leadership is not a moment but a process.  Throughout my life, anytime I have been in a leadership role—whether in sports, grad school, or business ventures—I became a leader by listening to and earning the respect of the members of our team.  My leadership style is based on my ability to communicate and motivate with creativity and a positive attitude after truly understanding the needs of those trusting me to lead. We need to find creative solutions to bring hope and excitement for a better future back into our lives and the lives of our children.

I am running to represent you in County Commissioner District 2. I will use the skills acquired over my 30-year career to work with all parties to ensure a better future for our community.  I am ready to step forward and serve my neighbors. I am committed to being your voice in Dallas County.

Our Vision. Our Voice.

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