Public Education:

Public education should be the stable base that teaches our children the necessary skills to communicate with the written and spoken word, solve complex practical and theoretical problems, interact with all people in our community with a spirit of grace and dignity – all of which leads to a better future for all our families.

If we are going to have dreams, let them be spectacular dreams!

We must:

-Require the State of Texas to provide at least 50% of the funding for public education (paid from independent state funds)
-Develop a Cost of Living Adjustment to reflect the different costs of living between independent school districts
-Increase the wages of all ISD employees to reflect the living wage needed in each independent school district in Texas
-Let’s work to make sure that public education provides equal access to an education that will secure a good job, but that will also teach the value of human dignity as a critical element of our democracy.

Property Taxes:

In Dallas, our property taxes are collected for Dallas County; City of Dallas, Parkland Hospital, and Dallas County Community College. The proceeds are used to provide a public education, safety in our community (police and fire departments), city maintenance services, and a public hospital. The State of Texas is supposed to pay its fair share for public education, when they do not our property taxes increase.

We will support:

-Transparency in the valuation process for commercial property
-A requirement for public access to transaction details for commercial property
-A review of the appraisal process for businesses and homeowners to identify a better system to protect against gentrification
-A requirement that the State of Texas pay at least 50% of the funding for public education (paid from independent state funds)


We need to use the data that examines the evidence showing that social determinants, such as access to housing, nutrition, and transportation can influence health outcomes for vulnerable populations. We will strive to pass legislation that will provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all Texas families, including comprehensive, preventative, and reproductive health services.

We will support:

-Medicaid expansion
-The restoration of a fully funded Planned Parenthood
-Vaccination – Preventive Healthcare
-Vaccinations – Institute a program at the border
-Pay on the condition, not the location
-Bundle payments for surgeons/Pay for an episode of care
-Oral contraceptives need to be available over the counter
-Require a level of care notice for healthcare providers

Reproductive Justice:

Reproductive Justice links reproductive rights with the social, political, and economic inequalities that affect a woman’s ability to access reproductive healthcare services. We must support the equal opportunity for all to express their gender identity and receive Reproductive Justice.

Reproductive Justice includes:
-Equal access to safe and legal abortion
-Affordable contraception and comprehensive sex education
-Freedom from sexual violence

Human Rights:

The equal rights that are the self-evident truth that frames the birth of our nation must be preserved. The Texas Legislature has been systematically eroding our civil rights, voting rights, and enacting legislation that is discriminatory against members of our community. We need a representative like Tom Ervin to be our voice.

PROTECT OUR RIGHTS – PROTECT OUR PLANET. Those who are persecuted the most, are those we must stand up as a community to protect the most. Join us as we build a strong community voice to express OUR VISION for diverse, inclusive neigborhoods in Dallas County.

We will support:

-LGTBQ Rights: support a state version of the Equality Act to protect all Texans from hateful discrimination and to promote an inclusive society
-Women’s Rights: equal pay, representation in all fields, reproductive rights
-Disability Rights: We support the strict enforcement and expansion of legislation protecting these rights
-Voting Rights: We will fight against any legislation that restricts access to the ballot box


America has been a beacon of hope for liberty and justice for all since its inception. Texas is a major gateway for those seeking asylum and for those who believe in the founding principles that are the core of our shared values. We must have an immigration process that recognizes and remembers that our nation is a nation of immigrants. Texas needs to provide humanitarian aid for asylum seekers and immigrants.

Immigration Reform must include:

-A path to citizenship for DACA recipients
-Protect individuals from detention, deportation, or legal reprisal in cases such as reporting domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking
-A discussion to provide a State of Texas ‘Status ID’ to those granted asylee status, an alien number, or any other official recognition that the recipient has entered the country through a port of entry

We must have a process that protects the security of our community and the security of the recipient.


We need to PROTECT and EXPAND the regulations and requirements necessary to keep workers safe, protect the environment, and demand that safeguards are in place as we transition to green energy. I understand that our planet is in the midst of a climate crisis and that Texas can be the center for the change to lower carbon emissions and to create an infrastructure of opportunity.


We will support:

-Private / Public partnerships for Green Energy investment
-Creation and expansion of Urban Farming Centers (new jobs, reduce the region’s carbon footprint)
-Stricter permit requirements that limit flaring of methane gas in the Permian Basin
-Drilling moratoriums on public lands
-Net-zero emissions for Dallas County facilities (responsible solution to reduce carbon emission, promote STEM education, and save on operating costs)

Living Wage:

In simple terms, a living wage should provide all that is needed and enough to be able to share in the opportunities for a better life in our community. The definition of living wage usually includes housing, food, clothing, childcare and healthcare.

We will support:

-Affordable childcare for all
-Earned Paid Sick Leave
-An increased minimum wage
-Affordable housing
-Equal pay for equal work

Additional Campaign Issues

As your representative, I will be there when we gather to support the issues that matter most to our neighbors. We have the strongest grassroots team in this campaign, and I have had thousands of one on one conversations with people in this district. I am beyond excited that so many of the activists that helped elect a congressman, a state senator, and numerous state representatives have joined our team to help me get elected in 2020.

-Common Sense Gun Laws
-Criminal Justice / Prison Reform
-Marijuana Reform

Our Vision. Our Voice.

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